PCC confirms return to campus, sparking protest among faculty

Faculty at PCC are set to protest the college’s plan for a return to campus, which includes requiring students and staff to wear masks and take mandatory weekly COVID-19 tests at designated testing sites around the school when they return on Monday, Jan. 24.  The PCC Faculty Association proposed an extension to the district in order to continue remote learning until Feb. 12. However, the school district has not signed off on the proposal, prompting concerned faculty and students to respond by organizing a protest …

High tech is the new norm thanks to COVID

Technology is a driving force for human civilization to progress and improve, its development has made life inseparable from it. Today, society is experiencing an integration of daily life and technology. Especially during the pandemic, technologies have helped to reduce the spread of the virus by replacing direct human contact with robots or remote communications. These new adjustments causing more frequent usage of these technologies will have a long-lasting effect across all industries beyond COVID-19 and in human history.