Faculty at PCC are set to protest the college’s plan for a return to campus, which includes requiring students and staff to wear masks and take mandatory weekly COVID-19 tests at designated testing sites around the school when they return on Monday, Jan. 24. 

The PCC Faculty Association proposed an extension to the district in order to continue remote learning until Feb. 12. However, the school district has not signed off on the proposal, prompting concerned faculty and students to respond by organizing a protest against the decision. The protest will occur at the Mirror Pools on PCC’s main campus on Thursday, Jan. 20 at 12 pm.

In a recent Facebook post, Pasadena City College laid out a roadmap for those expected to step foot on campus next week. Students are encouraged to become familiar with where their designated classes are meeting. A campus map can serve as a resource for new students or returning Lancers who need a refresher.

Most importantly, it is mandatory that everyone stepping foot on campus practices social distancing and must wear N95, KN9, or triple-layered surgical masks at all times. It is recommended not to wear cloth masks at the moment. The campus also mentioned that they would be passing out surgical-grade face masks at testing sites and key locations around campus. 

The school said students and faculty must show a negative test result “within 72 hours of their first time back on campus.” The campus has provided information and resources to help everyone find a testing site with testing times. 

Individuals who cannot make it to campus can find satellite testing sites at the Foothill or Rosemead campus. Employees can upload test results here, and students can use this link for their submissions.

Students with vehicles can find the drive-thru testing site in Lot 3 on the Colorado campus, and the employees can find a drive-thru testing site in Lot 5. There will also be a walk-up testing site located at the Mirror Pools.

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  1. Please do not let this story fall out of focus! As a PCC student, we have not been asked to share OUR voice on returning to in-person classes. The PCC administration is speaking on behalf of us saying they are doing this for us but this is not what all of us want. Where is the data that shows this? I have not seen anything asking for our input as students and how we felt on returning on the 24th. Omicron variant cases continue to increase, hospitalizations continue to increase, how is this a prudent decision?

    I urge the PCC Courier to share this story from the student’s perspective. Reach out to students. Ask us as students what our opinion is.

    I share the following letter:
    I write to you today as a concerned PCC student. The PCC administration keeps saying that students want to be back on campus and the push to return to campus on January 24th is coming to fruition based on this “students wanting to be on-campus.”

    I saw the Board of Trustees meeting that took place yesterday, January 19th, 2022, in which several faculty from separate departments expressed their concern about returning to campus. This included testimony from professors that have said their own students are not comfortable returning to campus.

    Even just looking at the Schedule of Classes when it opened for registration back in November, online classes were filling up faster than in-person classes. Is this not a sign of what students actually want?

    I have seen different communications sent to students but at no time, have I ever been asked how I feel returning to campus.

    Should it not be Associate Students, the various campus clubs, faculty and staff who are in direct contact with students, and us as the student population to ask us how we feel and what our opinions are on returning to campus and be the voices to accurately address the PCC administration on what we want?

    Instead, while Omicron variant cases continue to increase, hospitalizations continue to increase, how is this prudent in forcing students to return to in-person classes?

    I have experienced first hand having Covid, had family lose their job because they were out ill and in the hospital from Covid. I’ve lost family members to Covid. As a Latinx student, these have been hard blows to my family and I. Many months later, still experiencing symptoms of long Covid. Even though the Omicron variant is less severe, I don’t want others to risk unnecessary exposure to Covid during a period where cases are still high.

    I do not object to returning to in-person classes. What I object to is returning to in-person operations later in the semester. Look at Cal State L.A. and Cerritos College who have delayed their return.

    I beg that you ask your student population what they want and if they feel returning on the 24th is what they really want or if they would prefer to delay it another 2 weeks.

    The Faculty Association already failed at swaying the Board of Trustees and the PCC Administration on delaying the return. They were slated to protest today, the opposition to return.

    Please help get this message to the PCC administration delaying the return to campus. Ask Associated Students to share any data or to reach out to us as students and give us an opportunity to represent ourselves.

    Thank you for your time.
    A Very Concerned PCC Student
    (I choose to remain anonymous for fear of repercussion for trying to get fellow students to take action)

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