PCC’s annual student art gallery

On Friday, April 15, PCC’s annual Student Art Gallery opened with the theme “A Room Of Unrelated Things.” The exhibition consisted of some of the projects that they worked on throughout the spring semester. Some of the students felt eager and anxious about having their work up in the gallery. Some felt ecstatic to finally present their art. “It was like a really good experience to be a part of this…” Cameron Monardez said. “There was like some anxiety[..] to actually see your work on …

Don’t risk your life to go see ‘Tenet’

Imagine a James Bond movie with a twist of science fiction and a complicated redefined time-travel told backwards. Christopher Nolan once again attempts to explore the concept of time in great details in his latest blockbuster “Tenet.” The film has a complex, mind-boggling and complicated plot that shouldn’t be appealing enough for viewers to consider risking their health for the film since it is only available on the big screen.

Monsieur Crêpe lives up to its in-Crêpe-ible hype

With its new location just being one minute down from Pasadena City College, PCC students can now enjoy the most delicious crepes in Pasadena. Monsieur Crêpe was first originated in the charming village of Sierra Madre but has now made its way down to 105 N Hill Ave. The new location is open Monday through Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The drive of the new location is just one minute away from PCC maybe five if there is traffic and for those who …

Ariana Grande: Icon of the century

Billboard’s Women in Music is an annual event during which the publication recognizes women who have made substantial contributions in an otherwise male-dominated industry and ultimately bestows someone the title of “Woman of the Year.” This year, Billboard chose to give the award to popstar Ariana Grande, whose contributions to music and female empowerment, as well as her ability to remain poised throughout this past year, have without a doubt made her the most iconic face of 2018.

Local businesses flourish at Monrovia’s Friday night street fair

Beginning Friday afternoon, Myrtle Avenue transforms from a bustling street of shoppers to a festive community of vendors, art enthusiasts, movie goers, and families looking for new and exquisite food to try. The Monrovia street fair gives local businesses the chance to thrive during harsh economic periods, and eating for up and coming entrepreneurs ready to showcase their businesses. In 1995, the City of Monrovia held its first street fair on grounds of Myrtle Avenue, a lengthy street packed with shops, restaurants, and a historic …