Houston, we have snow problems

Share: Winter clutched Texas with a frigid steel grip, digging its arctic talons into the state’s power infrastructures. Its wrath cast a permafrost over the residents’ already deepening electricity supply crisis. The arctic rampage crept up upon Texas’s water mains and pipes by freezing them solid or ruptured into oblivion. Millions of Texans were forced to deal with loss of power and heat as well as the fear of a severed water supply. Follow:

Global warming is here and it’s real

Share: Something Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico all have in common is the devastating destruction left by hurricanes that occurred in the last few months. Something Northern California and Southern California have in common are the hundreds of acres lost and burned to ashes because of the wildfires that broke out in the last few months. Something we as a country should have paid more attention to was the reason why Hurricane Sandy had such a massive impact back in 2012. A little under five …

English professor discusses literature in the Anthropocene

Share: For hundreds of years, our perception of nature as a momentous, constant force was exemplified in literature by cascading waterfalls, snow-tipped mountains and dependability of the seasons. But as the planet warms and the climate changes, professor Robert Oventile told PCC students Tuesday that the way we interpret literature from the past and write new literature is also changing. Follow: