We should listen to Monica Lewinsky

Share: Twenty years ago, President Bill Clinton admitted to having an affair with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky was in her early twenties when she and Clinton first started their affair and although Clinton would deny the relationship, he later would admit to having “Inappropriate intimate physical contact” with Lewinsky.  This rocked the American country. Follow:

A Halloween block party that’s dead for all the wrong reasons

Share: If you are a college student looking to have fun during the Halloween weekend, don’t go to Little Tokyo’s Halloween Block Party. It’s not so bad that nobody should attend, its just that if you are of legal age to drink, your money and time should be spent elsewhere. With an all ages event, it is to be expected that they would close off a part of the block party so people 21 years and older can enjoy their drinks. But this “beer garden” …

Super Burger, not so super

Share: Located on the corner of North Altadena Drive and East VIlla Street in Pasadena is Super Burger. Super Burger is currently the second highest rated place to get a burger in Pasadena according to Yelp. It has a rating of four and a half stars with 551 reviews. So naturally, I was excited to try it. Follow:

Associated Students Meeting: May 3, 2017

Share: Reports Financial Meeting in Washington D.C was a great success. Discussed open education and resources with legislators. Also made an effort to hold legislators accountable on the issue of undocumented students Program Directors Meeting May 12, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Circadian Safety Walk Discussion to start a safety walk Group of students walk around campus to see what ends fixing or improvement. Drag Show Drag show being held by Associated Students might be moved from it’s original date of May 26 to …