Pasadena marijuana dispensaries will all soon be shut down

Last Monday night, the Pasadena City Council decided to go forward with new amendments in the City’s Zoning Code which will prohibit any commercial or distribution of marijuana within the city. The new changes in the zoning code prohibits any medical or commercial dispensaries, any form of commercial production and lab work for cannabis in the city of Pasadena. An amendment was also passed to only allow medical marijuana to be delivered to the city of Pasadena.

Community celebrates Black History Month with parade and festival

Despite the hot weather Saturday, the Pasadena community turned out for the 34th annual Black History Parade and Festival, which featured food trucks, music and PCC students and administrators.
As one of the oldest and longest parades for Black History Month in the U.S., the Black History Celebration Planning Committee wanted to honor past leaders of the community who continue to inspire a new generation of future leaders.