‘The Mountaintop’ successfully spotlights MLK’s humanity

Share: On the sleek and spacious stage of the Westerbeck Recital Hall, an actor playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. makes a number of flirty advances towards a young woman who is not his wife. Soon the actor playing the young woman begins to talk about the speech that she would make if she were in the shoes of Dr. King as he listens intently, encouraging her to share it with him. Follow:

Comey’s life line to Trump

Share: October 28th, 2016 may be a day that will forever be marked with infamy. Before that day, just about everyone was disgusted with Trump. His Billy Bush video sent the world into a frenzy and it seemed as though Clinton was going to be elected president without a doubt in anyone’s mind, even to those who hated her. But everyone was wrong. Follow: