No more style over substance, please give women pockets

The coveted pocket missing in women’s fashion is not new and has been a point of contention since at least the 1800’s. Today women’s fashions are pocketless, due in part to fashion industry designers and what they are thinking when they create fashion, such as purpose, practicability and look/image, if any. Also fashion companies are big business and like any business the bottom line is profit. For instance, the tattered and ripped jeans look. Promoted as hip, sexy and cool for the consumer, yet you …

It’s time for a heavy focus on obesity

Obesity has taken a major focus in recent media and medical studies as it has become an epidemic plaguing 35 percent of Americans, according to the Journal of American Medicine. Southern states and regions that lack fresh produce and whole foods, typically known as food deserts, are the highest in obesity rates, with regions that are land-locked following behind, according to The State of Obesity.

From Blood Elves to saving the Queen

A beautiful and elaborate Queen Elizabeth gown sat amidst the piles of fabrics, needles and sewing machines. The room wasn’t dusty but had a very cluttered feel and yet nothing felt out of place. The buzz of sewing machines filled the room as fashion students worked on individual garments. The Queen Elizabeth costume was created by fashion design and historical costume making major Lauren Ward and recently won first place and “Best in Show” at the 2014 L.A. County Fair.

Fashion donation stitches new creativity

It was just the first week, but the fashion design students already had hands on deck. Eyes were fixated upon laptops with illustrations. Designs on paper filled tables, adorned with swatches of fabrics that students were constantly mixing and matching. Amongst the puncturing noises of sewing and the occasional typing, the room is almost devoid of social butterfly chatter, instead replaced with the type of murmur typical in office cubicles. In other words, it was crunch time.