Associated Students: Building a committee and community

Inside the Creveling Lounge, lie two different divisions that students frequent. One being the student lounge, in which enthusiastic gamers whip out their gaming devices and play a variety of games; and the Piazza, where hungry passers-by sit at the wide-ranging tables and munch on their food. Within the vicinity of the lounge, in which green, polka-dotted chairs are placed adjacently, lies the entrance of a student-driven community where student workers and Associated Students (AS) members can be found inside the Office of Student Life …


Thursday, March 5 Campus Tour: Transfer Day Ivette at 7:30 AM – Pasadena City College This hosted tour by the Pasadena City College Student Ambassador Program, is a walking tour of the main campus. University Rep. Visit: General Transfer Advisement at 8:00 AM – L110 Come meet with a general transfer advisor to make sure you are on the right track for transfer.