Club Week has already begun! Tuesday marked the beginning of the three-day event which will continue running until Thursday. The Associated Students board encourages students to seek out, sign-up, and join in on a wide variety of campus clubs.

The biyearly event which takes place in the quad from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. helps campus clubs gain exposure and assist students who share similar interests and aspirations, organize and meet other likeminded individuals.

Throughout the three days, Club Week presents a wide diversity of clubs that set up tables in the quad with over 57 clubs and organizations in attendance. The clubs’ subject matter ranges from political activism to dance and improv, academia extensions such as chemistry, psychology, and physics.

Emilie Melder, Associated Students vice president for internal affairs, also worked to organize the event.

“There are a few new clubs coming to Club Week,” Melder said. “For example, MOMS with Care, Topspinner and Global Development Club, who are new to Club Week.”

In addition to brand new clubs are some that presented unofficially last semester, such as E-Sport, Tennis Club, Young Americans For Liberty, and Turning Point PCC.

“[These] were new clubs in Fall 2015 and present at last year’s Club Week,” Melder said. “But were not officially chartered when they did attend. ”

In addition to the variety of clubs and extracurricular activities there will be three tables set up to help students acquire information on financial aid, health services, and the Associated Student board itself, which will be encouraging campus involvement by presenting giveaways to PCC students.

Vice President of Public Relations Joshua Mentrup for the explained how each semester can be a different experience.

“In order for clubs to be officially registered they need to be chartered,” Mentrup said. “This means that every semester there will be different clubs and on campus.”

According to the Associate Students website, all clubs that wish to be chartered require that a charter request packet be filled out and a full-time faculty member serve as the club’s advisor. Once a club is chartered they can begin enlisting members and requesting funding from the Inter-Club Counsel, the organization that manages all the clubs on campus.

“The first step to club success is obtaining a club packet,” states the first page of the club charter packet. And the first step to an individual student’s club success is joining a club.

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