Editorial: Students have the right to know, even if it jeopardizes a career

Two weeks ago, Coleman Griffith was the latest in a long line of faculty members exiled to paid administrative leave. Senior Vice President Robert Bell, who told the Courier about Griffith’s leave, retracted his statement, saying that it was a violation of Griffith’s confidentiality. The truth of the matter is that students deserve to be told when and why a faculty member is put on leave, even at the cost of the professor’s reputation.

EDITORIAL: Cancelling winter intersession was illegal judge finds

“Based on the foregoing findings of fact and conclusions of law, and the entire record in this case, it is found that the Pasadena Area Community College District violated the Education Employment Relations Act…by unilaterally implementing a trimester calendar.” This was the finding last week by administrative law judge Alicia Clement from the State of California Public Employment Relations Board. In other words the judge found that cancelling winter intersession was illegal. Almost everyone on campus warned the administration and the District not to cancel …

EDITORIAL: Damage is done; apology is needed.

We believe the entire student body should have been informed immediately and officially that there might be problems with extended spring. This would have given the students more information to make informed decisions about their education.
A public apology from the administration to the students and faculty would be welcome and much needed in order to put all this behind us.