Editorial: The administration’s lack of communication is hindering student success … again

Time and time again, PCC boasts about our “impressive transfer practices” and high outcomes in student success, and while our consistency to remain an important, recognized community college is impressive, we must also recognize that there is a consistent lack of communication from the administration, specifically when it comes to profound changes on campus such as the implementation of AB 705.

Editorial: Award winning journalism, pathetic budget

Every semester, the Courier comes away from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC) conference with numerous awards for our talents in writing and photography. However, unless our publication is able to acquire the necessary funding from Pasadena City College (PCC), we risk losing vital access to this important conference which allows us to further our skills and journalistic integrity by creating journalists ready to document stories for our campus and beyond.

Editorial: We are not ‘poor journalism students’

Currently at Pasadena City College (PCC), there are multiple grants given to projects such as Zero-Textbook Cost and the Pathways program to tackle different barriers students often deal with in academics. While it is necessary to fund for these projects as it aids students in achieving higher education, the failure to fund the Journalism department, a rather small but very important department on campus, counteracts the idea of providing resources. In fact, it proves that there are areas on campus that aren’t being prioritized as …

Editorial: PCC protects predators and endangers students

Pasadena City College (PCC) is not perfect. Yet, rather than acknowledging the flaws within its system and community, PCC glamorizes itself by impressing the public with its diverse student body and faculty and news of being one of Aspen’s Top 10 college winners. In contrast to the impeccable image PCC intends to portray, this academic year alone, there has been a failed presidential search, outrage among minority groups on campus, and recent investigative reporting by the Courier uncovering Tychicus Yu, vice president and corporate chef of …

Editorial: Board’s failed presidential search fails campus again

Pasadena City College’s (PCC) mission statement claims they strive “to provide a high quality, academically robust learning environment that encourages, supports and facilitates student learning and success.” Yet, as the search for the college’s new superintendent-president comes to a halt, the Board of Trustees (BOT) have yet again illustrated how out of touch they are with the campus community.