Fans ‘disgusted’ after Urías’ arrest on domestic violence charge

Dodgers jerseys and merch-filled classrooms can be spotted all throughout PCC as many students and staff declare themselves as fans, but will that change after Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias’ arrest on domestic violence? The Dodgers have remained a contributing factor and staple to the Los Angeles culture, especially the Hispanic community for many years. Dodgers star pitcher Julio Urias has been a representation for Mexican Angelenos since he signed with them in 2012, and made his first appearance in 2016. He would embrace his roots …

Would Johnny Depp sue me for this headline?

The verdict for the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial is as ridiculous as the public jokes made at Heard’s expense, which have proven to be an unfortunate and grotesque display of social insensitivity. Essentially the jury ruled that Heard lied about her abuse allegations but Depp’s camp also lied about her lying. Sound confusing and asinine? That’s because it is.  The mismanagement of this trial began the moment it was filed in Virginia. Heard’s op-ed was published by the Washington Post and Depp’s …

Third Wave Club: Unmasking toxic masculinity

Walking into the Wifi lounge, it was hard to miss the group of students huddled around a table of free food and coffee. The smell of coffee drifted through the air amongst the murmurs of students looking for their friends, discussing any midterms that were taken that day, and waiting for the free movie to begin. Once the clock hit 6:30, students rushed to find the nearest seat and settled in to begin the film.

Pro/Con: Should consumers hold abusive artists accountable?

When artists and celebrities are accused of violent acts, should the public boycott their professional endeavors or should their art be separate from their lives?  Pro: Taylor Gonzales Being a celebrity is not a pass to do whatever you please. Just because someone is famous, that does not mean the same rules of being a decent human being are not applicable to them. It is up to us as fans, but more importantly as consumers, to take a stand.