Women’s March LA omits Black Lives Matter for electoral focus

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA) was excluded by organizers from officially participating in 2020’s annual Women’s March Los Angeles (WMLA), an event they have spoken at regularly, according to posts on BLMLA’s social media in mid-January. “WMLA did not invite Black Lives Matter to participate, failed to respond to an email request for inclusion, and further refused speaking time during a subsequent telephone conversation,” BLMLA said in an official instagram post. “This marks the first time that BLMLA will not participate.”

Why Americans who care about social justice should care about Palestine

In August 2014, a young black man named Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri and the city exploded in grief. Almost immediately after Brown was killed, scores of protesters took to the streets to demand accountability and an end to police murders of black men in the United States. Outfitted in full military gear, the police responded to the growing community protest with clouds of tear gas launched from armored vehicles, assault rifles pointed at unarmed citizens, and mass …