PCC panel: Recent AAPI hate crimes are ugly, but not new

As hate crimes towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander community have risen across America, PCC held a panel with guest speakers from the AAPI community to honor their history in America as well as provide a deeper understanding of racism and hate crimes. Held in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the event titled “Asian American Resistance: 150 Years and Counting” highlighted the struggles and perseverance of the AAPI community, specifically recounting the prejudiced past of Los Angeles.

‘Will I become a victim’: PCC international students fear living in the U.S.

Around 7 p.m., as the last bit of sunlight disappears, darkness takes over the world. A girl checks out from work and starts heading down the street that takes her home. Though it is not a long walk, only 10 minutes, the darkness that hides the unknown still makes her walk a bit faster, and her heart pumps louder than usual. As she turns at a corner, she sees a man not wearing a mask walking very quickly in the distance towards her. Every part …

Anti-Asian racism hits close to home for PCC faculty?

On the floor of Market Street, San Francisco, she lightly touches her eyes, where the pain is coming from. When she tries to open her eyes, to see what happened, all she sees is darkness.  Her body is shivering with anger, Cantonese phrases mumbling from her mouth. Though she can’t see, she is still a fighter. She stands up, and with her unwounded eye, she rushes to the man in front of her. Bam! She punches him back in the face. 

‘Is he staring at me because I coughed or because I’m Asian?’

If Hollywood films have taught us anything, it’s that student-athletes have it good. Channeling Spike Lee’s “He Got Game”, it seems that participating in a sport almost always gains you the stereotypical college experience: notoriety, success and of course, invites to all the best parties. Except, none of these movies took place in the middle of a pandemic that claimed the lives of over half a million Americans in less than a year.  And so, 20-year-old Kinesiology major Madison Blohm, sighs. “Covid has just been…mean …

Yang’s statements about being American are wrong

A man threw punches and kicks at a pet owner and her dog as they were walking in L.A. Teenage girls hurled racial slurs and physically harassed a 51-year-old woman in the Bronx. An Instagram page threatened a mass shooting in New York’s Chinatown and claimed to kill any Asian person on sight. The President of the U.S. called COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus.” As Asian-Americans, we are often seen as the “model minority,” immigrants in the U.S. who have broken the socioeconomic barriers held traditionally …

Hurting small businesses goes deeper than just financial issues

COVID-19 has been striking the world with panic and rapid change. Now people are no longer only worrying about their own and the public’s health. On Mar. 16 Los Angeles County officially ordered for most public places deemed non-essential to be shut down, from restaurants and bars to movie theatres and even gyms. Cue the economic struggle for employees and employers alike.