Injuries sustained by a few key players faltered PCC’s spirit early this spring, but promising jump athletes might assure a second wind for the team.

There are 37 athletes and three coaches in the track and field team. Six athletes cannot commit to raining due to their injures. The rest continue to train for the upcoming meets and conferences.

The coaches had to make big adjustments due to PCC’s track construction. John Muir’s High School now welcomes PCC’s track and field athletes to use their stadium for the training. Runners and jumpers work out five days a week afternoon from Monday through Thursday and the fifth day depends on the meets schedule.

“In the future we will be able to host competition. For the past three years we have not not been able to host any competition because we do not have a track,” head coach Innocent Egbunike said. “So, hopefully it is going to help us with the recruiting, with everything.”

Egbunike is anchoring his hope for a good season on Jared Whitt (triple jump), Justin Campbell (long jump), Miles Johnson (high jump), Kessa Rychlick (hurdles), Uri Mafate, Asher Smith (sprints), and Dylan Che (800m).

Whitt, who is in his first year, has already impressed his teammates and coaches so far.

“We expect big things from him,” assistant coach Pat William said.

Whitt expects big things from himself as well. He intends to break his personal best in triple jump (48 feet 7 inches) and reach 53 feet or further. In the 100 meter sprint (PB: 11.1), Whitt aims to approach 10.9 seconds or less. An ambitious athlete not only targets to improve his personal records but also he holds victorious plans for the season.

“I want to try to win State and National if I can,” Whitt said. “Of course, I want to try to break the school record here, which I think is 51 feet. So I want to try to break it pretty soon.”

Student athletes will start their qualifications for California Community College Athletic Association ( CCCAA) State Competitions at the South Coast Conference (SCC) Prelims which are held on April 23, at Cerritos College. Mt. San Antonio College, El Camino and Cerritos College, who are PCC’s biggest rivals, will all be competing at this event.

“We are planning to have a good season if we are able to get everybody healthy and compete at their best,” Egbunike said.

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