PCC badminton extended their winning streak to nine games in the South Coast Conference with another blowout win over El Camino-Compton.

The team knew that the competition would be much stronger toward the tail end of the season. Head coach Jennifer Ho wants to equip players as much as possible as they head to the SoCal Championship (SCC) match against Irvine Valley.

“Right now, I’m trying to work on their stamina and defense,” said Coach Ho. “With the conference [games] it is not as tough, but when we go to the State Championship it is going to be a tough jump from one to ten!”

Although winning back-to-back doubles championships and clinching first place for singles at the State Championship are the primary goals for this season, Ho wants her team to focus on their upcoming match against Irvine Valley.

“We are nervous,” team captain Rebecca Tzou said. “We should have advantage at home but the other teams are really strong this year. It’s a hard order to fill but with the team that we have, we are trying really really hard to condition well, so it’s a good thing.”

Both PCC and Irvine Valley are currently the only undefeated teams in the conference, so neither team should go into the match thinking it’s going to be a cakewalk.

According to Tzou’s partner Sandra Maw, Irvine Valley has an older and more experienced team, but Maw is confident that PCC is more then capable of putting up a good fight because of all the hard work they put in every day in practice.

“We can defeat them with power and swiftness,” Maw said.

With two more games left in the season before the match against Irvine Valley, both the players and the coaches don’t want to take a breather yet because they want to finish the season strong.

“Practice and determination,” Ho answered confidently, when asked what was the key to success thus far this season.

PCC will play El Camino on Friday at 2 p.m. before facing playing Irvine Valley on May 4 at Hutto-Patterson Gym.

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