Monday, January 31 

An Unknown caller reported to Pasadena Police Dept. that transients were in the Welcome Center at the CC Building. When Units checked the Welcome Center, there were no transients present.  

A PCC Staff member requested a welfare check on a student after receiving an email from a student that admitted to depression and suicidal thoughts. An officer then contacted the student, who stated that they were fine. 

A PCC staff reported a transient huddled in the window area north of the D Building. The officer contacted the transient, who then left the area.

Tuesday,  February 1 

A PCC staff reported that a male transient inside the men’s locker room in the GM Building had been staring at the wall for the last hour. When officers arrived the transient was gone. 

A Custodian reported a transient sleeping in the garden area south of the L Building. The transient was gone upon the officer’s arrival. 

Wednesday, February 2 

Spray paint graffiti was found in Lot 5 Level 1 in the NW corner. An officer took a report.

The PCC library staff advised that a student was non-compliant with the masking ordinance in the Library. An officer contacted the student and the student then abided with masking. 

A family member of a PCC student reported  that her niece was raped on campus in a parking lot in September in 2021. The suspect is known to the victim. Due to a language barrier, an interpreter and an officer from Pasadena Police Dept. met with the victim’s  family. The Report was taken, but no further information was given. 

A PCC staff reported that a transient was in the C Building 2nd floor attempting to enter classrooms. An Officer was sent but they were unable to locate the transient. 

Thursday, February 3

A complaint was made of a transient encampment on the east of E Building. Two of the transients have been seen at the encampment. An officer contacted the transients and advised them to leave; both of them complied.

A student reported that she had been in a verbal altercation with  an aggressive solicitor at Lot 5 Level 3. An Officer was contacted and counseled the solicitor. 

A Student raised a complaint about 3 aggressive solicitors in Lot 5 Level 3. The Pasadenas Police Dep. was contacted and the solicitors once again were counseled a second time. 

A Staff member voiced concern about a female north of L Building dancing and talking to herself. The Officer checked on the subject, who was sleeping. 

Friday, February 4

Facilities reported that a transient was in the IT Building. Officer contacted the transient and advised her to leave; the transient complied . 

A PCC staff member reported a transient in the GM Building talking to himself. The officer escorted the transient off campus. 

A Student witnessed a hit run collision to another student’s vehicle in Lot 3. The officers were unable to locate the victim. A report was taken of the  incident . 

A PCC staff reported that a student in the CA-214 building had an angry outburst at other students and staff and stormed out of the classroom. Reports from other students Stated that the same student made threats to harm himself and other students in other classrooms. The student also threatened to harm the COVID testing staff in Lot 5 as he walked off campus towards Bonnie Ave. & Colorado Blvd. The CA Building and the R Building were locked down as a precautionary measure. A RAVE Alert was issued. The lockdown was lifted once it was confirmed that the student was no longer a threat to the students and staff in the buildings. 

Saturday,  February 5  


Sunday, February 6 

The Pasadena Police Dept. reported that they received two calls about a male with a metal baseball bat walking into the PCC campus, at the southeast corner of Colorado Blvd. & Hill Ave.. Pasadena Police and PCC Police checked the campus but were unable to locate the suspect. 


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