Monday, May 15

A walking was heard on the second floor of the GM-Building. Campus police responded to the call and found nothing.

A man was reported to be panhandling in Lot 4. Campus Police conducted a search and the panhandler was no longer there.

A faculty member reported a man allegedly casing vehicles in the student parking lot but Campus Police found no one when they arrived.

A homeless man near the Campus Police lobby was reportedly challenging students to a fight. The man was gone upon arrival.

Tuesday, May 16

A fire alarm was triggered on it’s own due to faulty fire alarm equipment, according to Campus Police.

A bicycle was reported stolen. Campus Police filed the report.

A staff member required assistance with a disruptive student in GM-201. Campus Police escorted the student from class.

Students contacted Campus Police after another student threatened them. Campus Police took a report of the incident.

A student’s car was hit while parked in Lot 5 and left. Campus police filed a report.

A student’s possessions were stolen from the GM-building hallway when they were left unattended. Campus Police filed a report.

Wednesday, May 17

A homeless woman was reportedly panhandling in the CC-building, but was gone on arrival according to Campus Police.

Reports were taken on someone yelling in the C-building on the second floor. The person was contacted and counseled by Campus Police.

Thursday, May 18

A homeless man was yelling at students near the mirror pools and was escorted off campus by Campus Police, following a request to leave the area.

A car was hit and left by a driver. Campus Police filed a report.

A homeless woman was reported wandering through the parking lot in Lot 6. The area was clear and the woman was seen leaving campus on Hill Street.

Friday, May 19

Two faculty members were stuck in an elevator in the R-building. Officer Gonzales and facilities arrived to the elevator and freed both faculty members.

Sunday, May 21

Officer Gonzales reported vandalism on the pay station in Lot 10 and filed a report.

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