From the Campus Police blotter through Nov. 10, 2019:

Monday, Nov. 4

Staff reported a male transient has been sleeping in the men’s restroom on the second floor of the IT building.

A student reported his vehicle was struck on the driver side door in lot 5 level 4 between 8–10 a.m.No information was left on the vehicle and no video footage was available.

An instructor in R-415 reported that an unknown subject has been tampering with the settings on a machine in the fashion lab.

PCC’s Director of Human Resources found an envelope on his desk in C-215. It is unknown who placed the envelope.

A student reported her vehicle was struck while parked at the CEC lot D. No information was left on the vehicle.

A student reported a suspicious female in the GM building women’s locker room possibly loitering in the area. The subject was reportedly staring at her, making the student feel uncomfortable. The subject was contacted and found to be a student who is homeless.

A student reported that while he was in lot 4 level 5, a suspect suddenly punched him in the face. The victim left the area and reported the incident 2 hours later. The victim refused medical attention. He called a family member to pick him up from campus.


Tuesday, Nov. 5

A student reported her vehicle was damaged on the driver’s side bumper while parked in lot 4 level 1 between 9:45–10:45 a.m. No information was left on the vehicle and no video footage was available at the location.

Staff reported that a Pasco interface module was missing from E-302 since last week. Staff members checked with colleagues who advised that they did not know the whereabouts of the missing equipment.

A student reported a hit and run occurred between 7–11:30 a.m. in Lot 5 level 2. The passenger’s side rear bumper was damaged.


Wednesday, Nov. 6

A physical education instructor reported a female student rolled her ankle during volleyball class in GM-220. The student requested an escort to the health center for treatment.

Reports were made of a verbal altercation in the quad between a free speech group and passing students. An officer was dispatched to keep the peace. The dean of student life was also present. The dean assisted with calming students and educating the crowd on best practices for responding to differing views from the free speech group.

A staff member reported a female approached her and asked for help while holding her abdomen in the CA building’s first floor. The student did not elaborate on the reason for her request for assistance. An officer made contact with student; she was suffering from a panic attack. PCC personal counseling requested to provide assistance. The student was left in the care of the CA building’s dean and a counselor.

A student reported her laptop was stolen from her backpack which was left open and unattended outside the D building restroom.


Thursday, Nov. 7

A student at Campus Police’s front counter stated she was afraid of a female acquaintance who she believed may cause harm to her. The student stated she had spoken to the Pasadena Police Department (PPD) previously about the same issue. The PPD advised her to file a restraining order and to provide a copy of the order to the PPD.

Reports were made of a potential medical emergency involving a 50 year old male possibly suffering a stroke near Lancer’s Pass. The subject was conscious and complaining of chest pains. Pasadena Fire Department paramedics were contacted prior to Campus Police officers’ arrival. The subject was evaluated and did not require transport to a hospital.

Reports from a staff member indicated that the religious group preaching in the quad were being loud and disrupting classes. This was the second report of the same incident. The person preaching was asked to turn the volume down on his speaking device.

The 911 callbox was used to report a male and female yelling at each other in the R building’s 2nd floor lobby. The reporting party advised he observed the male subject shove the female subject. Both subjects were contacted by officers and advised to leave campus. No physical altercation occurred.

At approximately 6 p.m., a cadet was contacted and given a bullet that was found by a student in lot 5.


Friday, Nov. 8

No activities were reported for this period


Saturday, Nov. 9

A cadet reported finding a male black adult inside the W building women’s locker room. The subject stated he was waiting for his female companion who was showering. An officer made contact with them and checked for warrants; none were found.

A PCC football coach reported one of his staff attempted to drive a Taylor Dunn red cart inside the GM building. The lobby sliding doors closed on the cart causing damage to the doors and their automatic sensors. The doors were unable to be secured due to the damage. Campus Police officer Guliani was able to secure the door and place cautionary tape around the doors until repairs could be made.


Sunday, Nov. 10

No activities were reported for this period.

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