Monday, September 5

Nothing to report.

Tuesday, September 6 

A student fainted and then was transported to the health center where they were treated by a nurse for heat exhaustion. 

Pasadena Police Department was called after someone wielding a stick attempted to hit an MTA bus driver on Colorado Blvd. 

There was a welfare check on a transient laying on the sidewalk, north of Lot 1. 

Wednesday, September 7

A female student reported that she had been struck in the abdomen while walking westbound on Colorado Blvd, in front of the library. The suspect was described as a female who appeared to be a transient. The victim was not injured and did not press charges. 

There was a verbal altercation in Lot 7 between a shuttle driver and a person blocking the shuttle’s designated stop. All parties were gone upon the officer’s arrival. 

A student filled out a fictitious job application through Canvas, and realized the job posting was a scam after filling out personal information. A report was taken. 

Thursday, September 8 

There was a report of a transient encampment in Lot 11. Officer escorted the transient off campus. 

Officer escorted a transient off campus from Lot 1. 

The fire alarm was activated in the R building. All floors were evacuated and checked. The manual pull-station was activated on the third floor, and deemed all-clear. 

Smokers north of E-building were asked to leave the area. 

A student reported a hit and run for her vehicle that was parked in Lot 5.

A transient was sitting at the entrance of the Child Development Center and was escorted off campus. 

Friday, September 9

Three transients were escorted off campus from Jameson Amphitheater. 

The door for the southeast entrance to the V building was shattered and a report was taken. 

Saturday, September 10

The fire alarm was activated due to alarm testing on campus. 

Sunday, September 11 

Nothing to report. 

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