She may have undergone a dramatic hair transformation, but pop sensation Ariana Grande has returned to the spotlight once again with her ever-so-famous groundbreaking vocals. After taking a brief break from the music world, the newly platinum-blonde singer is back with a fresh new single titled “No Tears Left to Cry,” which has already been streamed on Spotify 100 million times.

“No Tears Left to Cry” is Grande’s first single from her upcoming fourth album, and the first piece of new music to be released since a suicide bomber killed almost two dozen fans at Manchester Arena during her Dangerous Woman tour in 2017.

The song displays Grande’s comeback into both music and life post the tragic event, and celebrates her attempt to triumph over all the hate and evil we face in this world. It has a dance-pop feel with a very catchy beat. The chorus, however, is very ballad like, exhibiting Grande’s incredible vocal range with powerful lyrics like, “Right now I’m in a state of mind / I want to be in like all the time.”

“No Tears Left to Cry” is her message to all those who want to add to the amount of hate in this world. She proudly states, “No matter how, what, when, who tries it / We out here vibing.” Grande’s lyrics are meant for people who think that attacks like those at her show would stop people from doing things they find so much joy and happiness in. The song reinstates the belief that in the end, good will always win.

The single’s artwork depicts Grande’s side profile with a rainbow reflecting across her face. Rainbows occur when light hits water droplets after a rainstorm. The significance behind the image is that Grande’s despair has ended and she no longer has “tears left to cry.” As a result, the sun has begun to shine and a rainbow representing hope and optimism has formed.

The single was released on April 20th, along with an accompanying music video, which was viewed 24 million times in one night, breaking Grande’s previous record of 9 million views in one night for her single, “Focus.”

The video starts with Grande lying on a floor on a hallway and then walking upside down before falling into what seems like an endless net of firefly lights. In another scene, Grande grips onto a ladder-like staircase and flips over while trying to hold on. The most iconic scene depicts Grande sitting on the floor singing, while copies of her face are laid out in front of her. She then proceeds to remove her own face off of her head. The video shows clips of her dancing on a rooftop, before ending with her sitting on the grass and watching the sunrise.

“The concept we wanted to explore was the disorientation that you go through in life and the quest we all go through to find ground again,” said Dave Meyers, the director of the video. “The optimism of the song and her mixed with the sort of complexities and the disillusionment of the world the we put her in is going to be a special one.”

The video, much like the song, shows that there’s always a point in life where people feel like they have to struggle just to hang on by a thread. Amidst all the insanity, it’s easy to put on a happy face and pretend to be brave. And yet, there will come a point where you will feel ready to end that difficult chapter in your life. The challenges people face in this life makes it easy to forget to enjoy simple things, like the ability to wake up every morning and watch the sunlight peak through on a brand new day.

“I hope this song brings you light and comfort, but also makes you wanna dance and live ya best life,” said Grande. “I am so excited for this new chapter with you all.”

Grande appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on May 1st to perform “No Tears Left to Cry” live on television for the first time. During the show, she announced that the new album, set to release in the summer, will be titled “Sweetener” and is about bringing light to a situation. She also teased new song titles including “R.E.M.”, “The Light is Coming”, “God is a Woman”, and “Raindrops.”

Grande is set to perform the new single at The Billboard Music Awards on May 20th and at KIIS FM’s Wango Tango in Los Angeles on June 2nd.

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