Born and raised on the beautiful island of Kauai, 19 year old twins Shawna and Shane Ogata bring their academics, athleticism, and their Hawaiian hospitality to PCC. Both majoring in business, Shawna played two seasons for the Lancers volleyball team, while Shane plays baseball. The twins share a passion for the beach and their natives roots but what makes them stand out is the love they have for each other. Unlike most siblings, Shane and Shawna are best friends.

Shawna: ”I’ve always loved experiencing things on my own, being independent and finding myself. I did my research on junior colleges and PCC was a good place to transfer from to a four year school and that’s how I ended up here in Pasadena.”

Shane: “Last year I went to the University of Oregon to pursue my dream. It didn’t work out like I hoped but I stayed a year then I transferred here to Pasadena. My sister was here so it was an easy choice.”

Shawna: “My major is business. In the future I’d like start a company, run my own business and have my friends work for me. It’s what our brother does.”

Shane: “For now I will continue to pursue my dream of playing baseball at the next level but in the long run I also want to start a business.”

Shawna: “For everything I do I just think about back home and what they do for me. My family pushes me so I feel the need to make them proud. It’s just not a family thing, I represent everyone back home.”

Shane: “Hawaii is a lot different from here. In Kauai everyone is close. We all know each other and if we don’t would still protect one another.”

Shawna: “I left a month after graduating [high school] and of course leaving my family was really hard. Separating from my brother was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because we got so close our senior year.”

Shane: “When I was in Oregon we FaceTimed every night.”

Shawna: “FaceTiming really helped. He is my best friend and I love him so much.”

Shane: “I love her too but when we were young we fought a lot.”

Shawna: *laughs*

Shane: “She was annoying. We were both annoying and different from each other.”

Shane and Shawna: *both laugh*

Taylor A. Boomsma/Courier
Shawna and Shane Ogata talk about their move from Kauai, Hawaii to attend PCC during an interview at Afters Ice Cream last Wednesday.

Shawna:  “We both love the beach but I’m just a little more social than most people are. I’ve never met someone as social as I am and that is where we are different.”

Shane: “I think I’m better at sports but overall she’s doing fine. She works and she does good in school, but she can do better in sports.”

Shawna: “The best advice I can give to my brother is to never procrastinate and to study the best he can!”

Shane: “She really pushes me to do better. She’s not only my sister but also my best friend.”

Shawna: “I’m definitely his biggest fan. I love watching him [play baseball], supporting him, and to know that we’ve gotten so close means a lot. He supports me in a way I would never expect him to. I just do the same thing and support him back. Yeah we got into a lot of arguments before but it’s what’s made us close. I know a lot of who’ve people told me that they don’t know anyone closer than us but it’s because he’s my best friend and I love him with all my heart.”

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