Anthony Iatropoulos is 24 years old and served in the United States Navy for three years as a corpsmen in the Koreas and Japan. He is an applied mathematics major. When he was honorably discharged, he took on a new direction in his life through a path paved by Pasadena City College.

Through Anthony’s travel to Greece and finding his father, he discovered that even though he didn’t know what his name meant or the success of his grandfather, he was already on the right path for a career in medicine.

“I worked with the Marines at 29 Palms before coming to Pasadena City College as a corpsmen.

“The navy developed my interest in medicine more and it gave me the skills and knowledge, hands on experience I didn’t have before. But PCC gave me the tools to see, not only to understand, that and look beyond that to get a better understanding of what I want to do.

“I want to innovate in medicine but through technology. I’m an applied math major right now.

I got admitted to a few schools but I chose UCSD and I start in the fall.

“I feel I want to contribute to medicine, maybe medical school if necessary, but more so to improve medical technology to save more lives than it currently can.

“I had some experiences in the military that not a lot of people had and it did solidify my character. I want to put more of my training I got towards medicine rather than the tactical side, I’d like to focus more on that as a person.

“I met my father for the first time in Greece, when I was there I found out that my last name directly means ‘doctor’s son’ in Greek.

“My grandfather in Greece was an anesthesiologist, a doctor, and has performed over 82,000 surgeries.



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