Acupuncture: A jab well done

Share: It was my worst fear times 10. I’ve never been a fan of blood work, vaccines or any other procedure having to deal with needles. But here I was, waiting in the lobby of Acupuncture Avenue. My fingers were dancing on my lap and I couldn’t quite get comfortable on the couch. There was an unfamiliar smell in the air; turns out it was incense. I could feel the anxiousness taking over my body. I was so nervous to think that there would soon …

It’s time for a heavy focus on obesity

Share: Obesity has taken a major focus in recent media and medical studies as it has become an epidemic plaguing 35 percent of Americans, according to the Journal of American Medicine. Southern states and regions that lack fresh produce and whole foods, typically known as food deserts, are the highest in obesity rates, with regions that are land-locked following behind, according to The State of Obesity. Follow: