A busy afternoon set up the scene in the quad where sat a quiet student named Zully Flores, a student who was not fazed by all the loud conversations and heat, as he was sitting and staring off into the distance spending free time taking in his surroundings.

Flores is a 22 year old Sophomore at Pasadena City College who is focusing on his major architecture. Flores isn’t just a typical Architecture major though; he wants to dissect the meaning behind every building. Architecture really interests him because he likes to think outside the box when it comes to building.

Both his interest in thinking outside the box and wanting to grab the meaning behind every building both go hand in hand.

“What my favorite thing about architecture is having to get down and dirty with the details behind every building and the thought process behind every building,” said Flores. “It’s like making a building shaped like a snake, you have to look into a snake such as its features, habits and other things and incorporate those things to make sure the building is designed to fit a snake.”

His snake explanation had passion emitting from him as every word was met with some sort of hand movement trying to further explain what he meant which gave his words an immense feeling of passion. Though the snake example was one of the main reasons that he would like to follow a career into architecture, that was not the only reason.

One other thing that was that led to his inspiration while growing up was math. There are people out there that love math and Flores is one of them. Math was an inspiration to him growing up him since he was a kid. His love for math grew and once he discovered that architecture was right up his math ally, he hopped on board the architecture train.

Along with his math interest he remembers when he was a child he would draw a lot which really played into his architecture inspiration as well.

“Growing up drawing was something that sparked just a bit of interest but as I grew older and older my love for architecture surfaced,” said Flores.

PCC has had his back his whole time here for architecture. The architecture program has been very helpful to him, especially the teachers.

“The teachers in the program have been such a great help to me,” said Flores. “The teachers try to push you past your limit with their help.”

His love for architecture is not his only love though, in that that he loves music and would have also been a music major had both majors were not so time consuming.

“In my freetime music is something that I really love to do,” Flores said. “It was either one or the other and ultimately I decided on following the path of Architecture.”

The PCC overall experience has treated Flores as well as he said and he enjoys all the benefits and services he is offered as a student.

“My PCC experience has always been very helpful, even if I haven’t used all the services I’m glad that they are within reach for me anytime I need to.”


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