It was a dreary Friday afternoon for the PCC men’s soccer team as they lost their final game of the season to Rio Hondo College 3-0.

The Lancers closed out the season 5-11-4 and did not qualify for any playoffs this season.

Right from the beginning of the game, Rio Hondo was able to slot home an early goal at the 5 minute mark, putting the Lancers down early. Things were looking bad for the Lancers, as they struggled to find an answer to the goal.

“What went through my head was we had to stay calm and play our game,“ said leading scorer Pablo Buenrostro. “We have to do that instead of trying to rush anything and a result will come out of it.”

Things went from bad to worse as the Lancers conceded a second goal in the 30th minute, seeming to crush any hopes of the Lancers pulling the score back level.

Sophomore striker Yader Rodriguez brought one goal back just 5 minutes later, stealing the ball in the box and slotting it home in the far post to give the Lancers a ray of hope going into the half.

Going into the second half, the Lancers looked to get back on track following a poor half defensively. First time starter in goal Thomas Flora saw 2 goals get past him. The Lancers seemed to not get the defensive plan in action, as just 10 minutes into the second half another goal was scored in the 55th minute. At this point, the Lancers were in a 3-1 hole.

The Lancers would earn a consolation goal in the 62nd minute, when striker Pablo Buenrostro tapped-in a rebound to his saved penalty. However, Rio Hondo would put the pressure on the Lancers and ride out a 3-2 victory.

Yet again, acting head coach Gerry Mora declined to speak after the game.

“Being the final game, it motivated me to leave my heart and soul on that field,” Buenrostro said. “Knowing that I won’t ever play for PCC again really hit me so I gave it my all.”

The players were not all about the negative vibes after the game, as they knew that they went all out all season and saw growth in not only their skills but also themselves.

“Coming from a division I school, playing at a top level but not having much field experience, the goal I set for myself was to mature on and off the field,” said freshman defender Bryce Watson. “Playing with PCC has helped me accomplish this goal with a great set of players and coaches I had to work with.

PCC end their final game with a loss and no playoffs but hope to get back at it next year and bring back a winning record to the PCC soccer team.

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