‘Voicenotes’: Who tf broke Charlie Puth’s heart?

Share: Charlie Puth’s overnight success on “See You Again” (a tribute track for the late Paul Walker), resulted in him releasing what felt like a rushed, unoriginal debut album in 2016, earning one of the lowest scores ever on Metacritic and leaving many wondering if the pretty-faced, perfect-pitched singer is nothing more than a typical YouTube star. Now, Puth is back with his sophomore album, “Voicenotes,” to prove to music listeners that he is more than capable of delivering an authentic musical masterpiece. Follow:

Shawn Mendes: ‘You can’t take my youth away’

Share: The music industry has changed drastically in the recent years, transforming itself into a platform to share thoughts and emotions and unite people. Some of the most influential artists of our generation have been coming together to bring hope and faith to people through their music. Singer-songwriters Shawn Mendes and Khalid, both nineteen, have teamed together in Mendes’ latest heart-wrenching power anthem, “Youth,” to exhibit the power and unity of the younger generation. Follow:

Ariana Grande: ‘Can’t stop so shut your mouth’

Share: She may have undergone a dramatic hair transformation, but pop sensation Ariana Grande has returned to the spotlight once again with her ever-so-famous groundbreaking vocals. After taking a brief break from the music world, the newly platinum-blonde singer is back with a fresh new single titled “No Tears Left to Cry,” which has already been streamed on Spotify 100 million times. Follow:

30 Seconds to Mars: ‘America’ fails to capture the story of us

Share: You know that feeling when one of your favorite rock bands goes on a hiatus and you’re forced to spend years listening to mediocre music while you wait for that band to release new music, so that they can finally show the newbies what real rock music is supposed to sound like? Well, after a five-year break and a play upon an extremely over hyped concept, 30 Seconds to Mars debuted their fifth studio album, “AMERICA”, which hit just about every genre of music …

‘Delicate’ music video: ‘You must like me for me’

Share: Taylor Swift is unfortunately all too familiar with the downside of entertainment media and its fantastic ability to make every little thing seem like the world’s biggest catastrophe. In her new video for her latest single, “Delicate,” Swift attempts to give her audience a glimpse of why she decided to hide under the limelight for this past year and what the new experience has been like for her. Follow: