If you are a college student looking to have fun during the Halloween weekend, don’t go to Little Tokyo’s Halloween Block Party. It’s not so bad that nobody should attend, its just that if you are of legal age to drink, your money and time should be spent elsewhere.

With an all ages event, it is to be expected that they would close off a part of the block party so people 21 years and older can enjoy their drinks. But this “beer garden” offered nothing special except from the fact that you can order overpriced drinks and beer.

For about an hour or two, there was no music playing as there was a Halloween costume contest going on. There were alot of creative costumes but it was tough to see from the beer garden and you were not allowed to leave the beer garden with your drink. So if you wanted to see what else the block party offered, you had to finish your drink.

“I expected the beer garden to be more fun,” said Alhambra resident Ammon Treu. “Drinking was not worth being stuck in that section.”

Outside the beer garden seemed to be where people were enjoying themselves more. There was a lot of food options and food trucks and there was even a truck that let people participate in a virtual reality video game. That seemed to be the most popular attraction amongst the crowd.

“I waited 30 minutes to play the virtual reality game,” said Glendale resident Zane Ferris.”There wasn’t really anything else to do.”

It seemed as though this event would be better suited for families that have young children as they seemed to really enjoy themselves laughing and pointing at all the great costumes people had on. So in terms of being a family event, this block party worked in that aspect.

But if you are 21 or older and do not have children, you are better off paying for overpriced drinks at any of the other Halloween events going on in Los Angeles.

“I don’t wanna say that I wasted my time,” said Pasadena resident Jonah Apin. “But I probably will not be coming back next year, the costumes are really cool though.”

The Little Tokyo Halloween Block Party took place on October 27th on 2nd Street. It was an all ages event and it was free.


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