Enter the macabre world of Oddities Flea Market

Share: When walking into the Oddities Flea Market, guests are walking into another world. A fascinating and macabre one. Sinister red lights illuminated the inside of the Globe theatre in Downtown Los Angeles and someone in a dark cloak and a skull mask with giant horns stood tall on the balcony and overlooked the crowd. They held onto other cloaked people tethered by their necks, who in an artsy and wicked way moved about the balcony. Follow:

Volleyball kills Pirates with positivity

Share: A few minutes into practice, gathered in a circle on the court of the Braun Athletic Center, the coach and the girls of the Pasadena City College volleyball team talk about how to challenge themselves, spread words of encouragement and denounce gossip and negativity. Then they yell a chant and break their huddle to begin the intense practice.  With the slogan “team first” said before their games, the team recently won the 5 set game 3-2 against the Ventura Pirates on Wednesday Sept. 4.  …