A campus event at the Center for the Arts north side patio was done to celebrate and show appreciation Asian Pacific Islander student and faculty. The event was full of food, drinks and music. People from different ethnic backgrounds came out to celebrate as well. Celebrating each other’s cultures on campus brings much more meaning to the students here at PCC, like a sign of unity.

“This event is important because it brings together the different groups of Asian Pacific Islander,” said Dr. Ketmani Kouanzhao. “That includes students, faculty, staff and administrators to come together and celebrate the different diversities that we have on campus and also to connect people together so that they can feel the relatability and also support each other in their environment.”

Kouanzhao is the Associate Dean of Special Services and expressed her feelings on the event.

“It is a lot of mingling, a lot of good food, it is a really good event to provide that open space for people to get to know each other,” Kouanzhao said. “And it’s not only Asian Pacific Islanders, it’s everyone on campus. It’s about recognizing and promoting each others interests and cultures.”

Many of the Asian Pacific Islander students felt full of happiness that there was a campus celebration dedicated to their cultures.

Vicky Huang, a PCC student, was one of the many that felt joy in knowing that everyone of different cultures were involved in the event.

“It’s good to have events like this at school because students with different majors get involved,” Vicky said. “The food is also good! They have orange chicken, vegetables and drinks.”

Alongside Vicky was her friend, Yingting Yang. Yingting is new to America and its culture. Now as a college student, she is still adjusting to the lifestyle.

“All students from each country can learn together and share different experiences together,” said Yingting, “I’m still learning English and every time I’m in these kinds of activities it’s so exciting to learn about friends and their different lifestyles.”

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