Deadpool 2: Wasn’t that Thanos?

Share: Profanity Warning: I say fuck. I am a huge Deadpool fan, as a lot of people who like comic book superheroes are. There’s something about his 4th-wall-breaking, dark and unpredictable humor that makes him such a fun character. So when I heard that there was going to be a Deadpool movie two years ago, I was ecstatic. And for good reason; that movie was amazing. Ryan Reynolds captured the character perfectly, unlike his portrayal in the 2008 “X-men Origins: Wolverine.” Fuck that movie. But …

Courier Chat: School Shootings and Presidential Searches

Share: In this week’s podcast, Rob and Samantha discuss the recent school shootings and what PCC doing about these recent events. Later, Samantha talks to our news editor, Amanda Nelson, about her editorial and PCC’s current presidential search. Have something you want us to talk about on the podcast? Want to appear as a guest? Email us!: Follow: