Students’ guide to first-year social success

Share: Within the spacious and diverse walls of the Center for the Arts, lies a stage imprinted with the birth of confidence. The stage sits bare, its focal point a young woman, glamorously donned in street attire, wearing nerves as her accessories. Though only two sit in the audience, this is her most significant performance yet. As she opens her mouth to sing,her attention is not on the empty seats or her own two feet. Instead, she settles her gaze on one set of eyes. …

PCC suicide prevention efforts informative, but out of public eye

Share: Tree-like street lamps line the road, their green iron trunks and ornate branches bear glowing orbs, guiding dog walkers and drivers alike. Most recently it was featured in the film “La La Land,” providing the romantic backdrop on which the main characters shared an intimate stroll. The flat, widespread road is a striking juxtaposition to the intricate curvatures and pattern of arches that make up the base of the concrete wonder. Follow:

PCC: a sanctuary for international students

Share: Walking around this campus, one can bump into many students running late to class, sitting down underneath trees that offer a cool shade, or an international student. Except one wouldn’t necessarily know if they were an international student, not unless you asked. There are many reasons why PCC is wonderful. It is a great stepping stone for anyone wanting to transfer to celebrated universities, but it also has a diverse student body that encompasses the spirit of belonging to a supporting community. Follow: