In a close game, but disappointing loss, the Lancers football team came up short for a final score of 26-33 against San Bernardino over the weekend.

Prior to Saturday’s game, when asked about being prepared, linebacker and safety Kavior Clark “KC” replied,

“I am very excited; we stepped up our intensity from the last week practice. We got all [of] our ineligible and hurt players… back now. [Our] intensity is just higher because we know what we got to do, we got to win. We can’t be losing, so our intensity was picked up heavy.”

Although the team did well, it wasn’t enough to win as San Bernardino completed more plays according to Head Coach Steven Mojarro.

The game was very physical from the start. Turnovers and costly penalties kept the Lancers from finding a rhythm in the first quarter. San Bernardino scored the first points but quarterback Ian Brain responded with a 70-yard pass to Stevie Williams for a touchdown to tie the game.

It was Williams first start of the season, after missing the season opener. In the first half, Williams racked up 103 receiving yards but ended with 216. While kicker Enrique Lozano went 2-for-3 and linebacker Matt Terlizzi forced a turnover to the keep the game close.

When asked what kept him going, Williams stated, “Just the drive of winning the game, I hate losing.”

In the second quarter, Lancers offense continued the momentum. Amad Andrew hurled in the ball to make a touchdown with 7:36 remaining and put the Lancers in the lead. Unfortunately, the lead was short lived when San Bernardino scored again.

The Lancers persevered to make stops and freshman cornerback Albert Louis was the perfect example as he made an interception and ran the ball for 20 yards. He finished the game with two interceptions.

The 3rd quarter the Lancers were unable to put points on the board. Into the 4th the Lancers were only able to put up a field goal and finished the game with 26 points.

“It starts with the coaching, I think we need to put up a good game plan and put our kids in the best possible situation. It is definitely going to come to us coaches and the kids they just got to keep playing what we expect them to play, they are playing with their hearts and we are grateful for that,” coach Mojarro said in a phone interview.

The Lancers next game is Saturday, September 16th at 2.p.m. against Allan Hancock who are 1-1.

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