Police Blotter: Repeated harassment and vendor cart crash

Share: Monday, Apr. 11: Staff requested help for removing an individual that was not a part of the class. Officer Robins responded to the request and escorted the person off of campus. Reports confirmed a vender who ran into and damaged a light pole with a cart near the Lancers Pass. A student requested help when their instructor indicated that they were feeling nauseous as a result of medication that was taken earlier in the day. The instructor refused medical attention. A report was filed …

PCC student, veteran, father determined to make the world a better place

Share: After ten years of serving this country as a U.S. army 1-28 infantryman, PCC student Tomas Domingo has yet to stop doing everything in his power to help those in need. While working towards his degree in political science, he is also busy hashing out a plan to create a cost-free school for the children in his hometown in Guatemala, where families are stricken with poverty and the line between education and financial burden is non-existent. Follow: