The 2014-2015 Associated Students Elections results are in….

Share: The votes have been tallied and a Board has been chosen. Here is the 2014-2015 Associated Students Executive Board:   Student Trustee Mashall Lewis President Jordyn Orozoco Vice President for Internal Affairs Alfonso Mares         Vice President for Academic Affairs Brandon Arizmendi       Vice President for Student Services Cindy Lucio   Vice President for Business Affairs Emily Samvalian                     Vice President for Campus Activities Jonathan Reed       Vice President …

PCC Courier Twitter account hacked

Share: The PCC Courier Twitter account was hacked on early Monday morning. Lewd messages and images were posted without permission and information and images were changed on the account as well. The Twitter account feeds directly to the paper’s website, where the tweets were up for approximately an hour. The tweets were discovered around 9:45 am and were immediately deleted. Follow:

OP-ED: A plastic society prompted by social networking and celebrity status

As a society are we becoming so self-obsessed with beauty and physical perfection that all concerns for mental and physical health are going out in bags of liposuctioned fat? Or is this just another trendy fad that will phase-out over time as the boredom over the plastic looking visages gained through massive amounts of costly—and often dangerous—surgeries which remove all the unique characteristics from the human face?

Zankou’s: chicken, shawerma, and secret garlic sauce

On a recent Wednesday, Zankou’s Chicken was filled with students, professionals and a mother with three children enjoying a variety of Mediterranean foods. This is not a place for quiet contemplation, but a hive of activity as patrons come and go, laugh at jokes or talk business over meals of meat, garlic sauce and pita bread while world music plays in the background.