Higher Education Act: a step in the right direction

College tuition has been on the rise for years, contributing to an already obscene amount of outstanding debt being taken on by students and parents. The St. Louis Federal Reserve reported that as of early February, outstanding student loans are nearing 1.6 trillion dollars, with no signs of slowing down. Congress is currently in the process of a potential reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA) in hopes of chipping away at one of the biggest debts citizens of this country face.

International students’ tuition increases yet resources remain scarce

International students are in pursuit of better resources as a result of the Board of Trustees’ decision in January to raise their tuition cost-per-unit. At their Jan. 26 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a raise in international students’ tuition cost-per-unit from $234 to $266. This price would be in combination with the standard enrollment fee of $46 per unit. International students must take a minimum of 12 units per semester in order to keep their student status at PCC. Taking this into consideration, international …