Consulting firm dropped after unsuccessful president search

Share: After choosing an expensive search firm, with less experience and fewer guarantees than others, PCC had to declare a failed, or unsuccessful, search after it witnessed its three finalists for president drop out of consideration. As a result, the college terminated its partnership with the search firm prematurely, bringing PCC back to square one in the process of finding a new superintendent-president. Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT), the consulting firm chosen by the PCC Board of Trustees (BOT) to conduct this past year’s unsuccessful presidential …

PCC to hire 50 new faculty

Share: After adding a record 35 new full-time faculty this year, PCC will be hiring 50 more full-time instructors for fall 2016. The new instructor positions are well-distributed throughout divisions, with at least four new faculty in the Business, Math, English, Health Science, Social Science, Natural Science, and Performing and Communication Arts divisions. Seven new counselors will also be hired, four general counselors and three specializing in financial aid, DSPS, and EOP&S. Follow: