The PCC Superintendent President Screening Committee met for the first time on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the upcoming tasks that must be completed in their ongoing search.

The screening committee is comprised of eight representatives from PCC, along with seven constituents to represent the seven surrounding areas, appointed by the Board.

Ralph Anderson and Associates (RAA), the consultants put in charge of the search by the Board of Trustees back in November, will “continue their aggressive recruitment efforts until the closing date of the position (February 12, 2015),” according to Stan Arterberry and Nicki Harrington of RAA in an email to Board President Berlinda Brown.

On February 13, the search consultants will begin their review of the submitted applications. This process will conclude by February 18, at which point the screening committee will paper screen the application documents. They will then meet from Feb. 25 to Feb. 27 to select which applicants will be forwarded to the Board for their consideration.

As of January 29, RAA received a total of 26 applications and anticipate another 26 more to come in the near future. After some discussion, the Board did not set a limit on the number of applicants to be submitted.

“To me, nine is probably the max,” said Student Trustee Marshall Lewis. “Anything over that, I would say that the screening wasn’t done vigorously enough.”

Trustee Jeanette Mann pointed out that it is important to focus less on an arbitrary number, when the most important thing is whether or not the candidate meets the qualifications.

The Board requested that a list of at least three qualified candidates be submitted for review.

“If all the folks we have talk to and said they would apply follow through, you will have more than three [candidates],” Arterberry assured the Board.

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  1. Dear Board of Trustees: can we please not follow the precedent set by the previous two hires? When you were told by different stakeholders on campus that both of the previous candidates were inappropriate, it wasn’t just a power play, or those groups being obstructionist. It was that both choices were inappropriate. So please, don’t make a hire from outside your own top-three list, and don’t hire someone with “DANGER” written all over him. The campus wants to work with you to help make the best possible choice; we’re not getting involved just to irk you or usurp your power.

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