Building a Suicide Bridge barrier won’t save anyone

Share: On Monday, Sept. 21, during the meeting of the Public Safety Committee of Pasadena, the city had approved the final mockups of suicide prevention barriers designed by Chatsworth-based Custom Design Iron Works, Inc to install barriers on Colorado Street Bridge to deter jumpers. Although installing barriers on Colorado Street Bridge can reduce the chance of suicide attempts, to truly prevent suicidal actions the focus should be on treatment for depression and mental health.  The installation of barriers has been a debate between preserving history …

PCC suicide prevention efforts informative, but out of public eye

Share: Tree-like street lamps line the road, their green iron trunks and ornate branches bear glowing orbs, guiding dog walkers and drivers alike. Most recently it was featured in the film “La La Land,” providing the romantic backdrop on which the main characters shared an intimate stroll. The flat, widespread road is a striking juxtaposition to the intricate curvatures and pattern of arches that make up the base of the concrete wonder. Follow: