The past, present and Futurama of professor Dunbar

Share: Reclining back in his desk chair in the large PCC radio studio, repping PCC in a large red Pasadena City College sweater, professor Geoff Dunbar reflects on his decades of experience in the radio and TV industry, as well as his time here at PCC. Dunbar has been teaching television and radio at PCC for sixteen years now but has been doing audio production and radio for well over 20 years. In the 90s, he created his own recording studio, which got him work …

Shifting priorities in the honors program

Share: He dresses in a formal business attire and dawns a black dress shoe, while carrying a bag filled with his planners and notebooks. Inside his planner consists of day-to-day activities that range from grading class assignments to business-related duties. His demeanor, likewise, is a caricature of other professors who dress professional by society’s view of an authoritative figure. Follow: