Christmas cheer comes in the form of covid friendly car ride

Driving through a Christmas light tunnel, bright green, red and blue reflect off the hood of the car. To the right and left along the route, there are elves balancing on a ball, rollerblading and even doing backflips. The warmth of complimentary hot cocoa, the sounds of elves greeting you, the sight of the beautiful lights all while inside the comfort of your car. This is Christmas during a pandemic.

Pumpkin Nights: Nothing but a photo op stop

When an event is hyped on all social media platforms, held in celebration of a big holiday and located in a spacious setting, naturally the expectations are high. Unfortunately, expectations can lead to disappointment. The Pomona Fairplex is showcasing local artists throughout the month of October at an event called Pumpkin Nights. What this entails is about a 30 minute trail filled with fake carved pumpkins, a scavenger hunt, poor ponies tired of giving pony rides and no Halloween music. But wait, there’s plenty of …