Volleyball: Lancers encage Falcons

Overflowing with services aces, stuff blocks, and solid passing the Lancers had a blast in their dominating victory over the Cerritos Falcons on Wednesday evening at PCC. The Lancers maintained an unbreakable wall, demonic serve angles, and a reliable left side which produced the perfect mix of defense and offense. The Lancers went into this game less stressed and ready to have fun making it easy for them to take the match 3-0.

Women’s volleyball: clip the Falcons’ wings after loss

Women’s volleyball was crushed on Wednesday by the El Camino Warriors (3-1), but their spirits were flying high against the Cerritos Falcons Friday, when they added another conference win (3-2) to their three previous victories toward playoffs. “Hot and cold,” said Head Coach Mike Terrill when reflecting on Wednesday’s performance against the Warriors. Point-wise, the Lancers rode El Camino’s coat tails each set throughout the match, never falling more than five points behind. However, the Warriors defense was ruthless. Outside Hitter Mikayla Clark made 17 …