How to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on campus

Despite COVID-related restrictions, PCC students and on-campus groups are finding new ways to embrace their Latinx pride and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. In-person events may be scarce compared to previous years, but student-led PCC groups, along with faculty and staff, have organized a handful of events aimed to honor Hispanic culture and benefit Latinx students. Kicking off the festivities on-campus is the Shatford Library at PCC which is currently offering a curated selection of books, ebooks and videos about Latinx culture, food, music and more. …

Pasadena’s Latino parade: The ‘glorious’ folklorico festival

The warm morning sun highlighted vibrant pops of color on traditional Latinx dress being worn by young people in Pasadena’s Washington Park. PCC’s marching band rehearsed on Prescott Street to warm up their instruments. Members of a youth dance troupe twirled in place. Drivers stood near shiny restored classic low-rider vehicles on nearby North Los Robles Avenue, ready to carry local officials and dignitaries on the route.

Latinx employees crusade for change and representation

Four board members of the Association of Latino Employees (ALE) stood proudly as they prepared to deliver their speech. President and founding member Carlos “Tito” Altamirano donned a shirt with the words “Educated Latino” emblazoned on the front. To their left sat the Board of Trustees, and to their right was the public—all were an audience to ALE’s first presentation to spark a collective conversation about equality, empowerment, and representation for members of the Latinx community at PCC.