Lancer Radio channels spirits of the dearly departed

A colorful and wonderfully decorated Dia de los Muertos altar at the front of the room presented itself as a stage for the dearly departed and celebrities like the beloved Selena Quintanilla. Candles, ornamented skulls and bright flowers adorned the altar. Disney’s “Coco” was projected on two screens while traditional Mexican music filled the room. Tamales, conchas and hot chocolate made the perfect trio for playing Loteria with fellow peers. 

Upcoming Events

Currently running: The Juried Student Exhibition, continuing now through January 30. Writer and artist Bernard Cooper is guest juror and the exhibition is open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM, in the Boone Family Art Gallery, PCC Center for the Arts. Friday, January 23: CSU “What’s Next Workshop” at 3:00 PM in L110 and again Wednesday, January 28 Wednesday at 10:00 AM. Learn what to expect next in the transferring process after you submit your CSU Application Transfer Workshop.

Anthropology professors bring culture to the airwaves

A new culture-based talk show is headed to Lancer Radio as a result of a collaboration between two anthropology professors. The Super O Show, hosted by Alexis Altounian and Mark Gordon transforms the broad, highly academic topic of culture into entertaining discussion. Even the show’s name was derived from the academic work of the famous anthropologist Alfred Kroeber. Kroeber taught at UC Berkeley, where he wrote numerous books and articles on culture. “One of [Kroeber’s] most famous articles outlines the concept of the superorganic,” said …

Otakucentric talkshow brings Japan subculture to PCC

She held her hand in the air with five, four, three, two then one finger up. Immediately, the room went into almost complete silence. The only sounds came from the light clicking that the switchboard made as fingers glided effortlessly from switches to buttons. Outside the room, the “On Air” light came on warning people not to enter or make too much noise and with that, Otakucentric was officially live. Well, almost.