Parenting and struggling students find help through new centers

Share: Alongside the new semester, PCC opened up the Lancer Care Basic Needs Center and the Family Resource Center to bring aid to those who need it. The Lancer Care Basic Needs Center is where students may go to receive resources to meet their basic needs such as housing, food, etc. Specifically, students are offered emergency aid, social services support, health care aid, childcare & afterschool programs, healthcare, clothing, financial assistance, employment, housing, and a food pantry. All resources in the Lancer Care Center are …

Freshman’s knockout ‘triple threat’ skill set

Share: Sporting a number 18 jersey, and standing six feet tall, his eyes dart toward the brown, prolate spheroid-shaped object that quickly dashes through the diamond-shaped grassy area. Playing as a safety and linebreaker, he fends off his opponents who are rapidly dashing toward him. Having an alert mind and strength are two key abilities in this type of scenario, especially where bulky, strong men are charging towards one another.   Follow: