Alongside the new semester, PCC opened up the Lancer Care Basic Needs Center and the Family Resource Center to bring aid to those who need it.

The Lancer Care Basic Needs Center is where students may go to receive resources to meet their basic needs such as housing, food, etc. Specifically, students are offered emergency aid, social services support, health care aid, childcare & afterschool programs, healthcare, clothing, financial assistance, employment, housing, and a food pantry. All resources in the Lancer Care Center are free to any currently enrolled students. 

“The Lancer Care Center addresses the gaps faced by Pasadena City College students in having awareness and access to food nourishment, stable housing, and social services support and resources,” states the center’s mission statement found on the PCC website

The Center strives to provide equity for all students and tries to provide adequate basic needs to improve success both academically and personally.

Similarly, the Family Resource Center offers free services/resources to all enrolled parenting students. These include diapers, children’s clothing, wipes, bottles, and a study space with an attached play area where students can do their work with their child near them. With the Child Development Center and CalWorks, the Family Resource Center creates workshops for students regarding topics such as parenting tips or Title IX education. Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prevents students from being discriminated against based on sex in educational programs. This includes not being provided accommodations as a pregnant student such as extensions, seating, and anything else that would allow a student to adequately balance their academics. In the future, the center hopes to host gatherings for students and a private area for parents to lactate/pump. 

“The idea was for them to have free resources like diapers, wipes, clothing, and for them to have a space where they can come and study and not be frowned about if they took their children to the library,” says program assistant Saira Altamirano.

Both centers work together with another program called CalWORKs. The California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to Kids is a program specifically for students who have children under 18 and are receiving aid from LA County. This program is a state-funded Welfare-to-Work program to aid parents in their academic goals. Students in the program receive services such as priority registration, counselors, work-study, social service assistance, workshops, and funds for necessities. 

“During this process, you will have access to our high-quality support services in order to help you reach your educational and career goals. We believe in you and want to see you accomplish your goals and be role models for your children!” states the CalWORKs homepage on PCC’s website

With these resources, PCC can provide support for students no matter their needs. Whether it is something as simple as a quick snack, or as big as an emergency shelter, the school has your back.

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