State of California will no longer fully fund U-Building project

The progress to get work done on the Armen Sarafian Hall (also known as the U building) has been dealt a number of blows in recent weeks. The full support of the project from the government has been derailed, and the school is hoping that the state will change its mind before the May Revise when the governor’s proposed budget from January gets an update before it is signed into law by the end of June.

Facilities introduces new water sustainable efforts

Facilities services are introducing new water saving tactics to aid the college’s conservation efforts during Pasadena’s moratorium on water usage. According to Measure P Projects Director Jack Schulman, the simple method of reusing pool water for wash-downs would be a sustainable approach to water use. “Normally, when we wash down the pool decks and bleachers, we use the city water only,” said Schulman, who’s taken care of the college’s swimming pool for 16 years. “This is a waste as it is a single use process …