Facilities introduces new water sustainable efforts

Facilities services are introducing new water saving tactics to aid the college’s conservation efforts during Pasadena’s moratorium on water usage. According to Measure P Projects Director Jack Schulman, the simple method of reusing pool water for wash-downs would be a sustainable approach to water use. “Normally, when we wash down the pool decks and bleachers, we use the city water only,” said Schulman, who’s taken care of the college’s swimming pool for 16 years. “This is a waste as it is a single use process …

Movie theater displays art on canvas

There’s a sense of harmony in Laemmle Playhouse 7 on Colorado. Maybe there’s harmony in the warm colors of paintings that line the gray walls, or perhaps it’s instilled in the moments caught in photographs. Maybe it’s in the smell of popcorn just down the hall. Wherever it is, there’s an eyeful at the theater, and it’s bringing local artists, filmmakers, and their enthusiasts together. April 16 marked the opening of the Pasadena Art Show ’15 at the historic theater. The exhibit was borne out …

Small town girl with a huge voice

A small town Louisiana girl can feel out of place within the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles’s many suburbs, like Pasadena. When Alicia Batice needs some time to settle, she’s unwinding in front of the Veteran’s Memorial Wall where the pine trees and the distant voices remind her of Franklinton, a small town she once called home. “Louisiana’s quieter, but California’s so busy,” the communications major said. “Everyone’s on the go. Nobody has time to just take it in. I’m like, ‘Everything’s so beautiful!’ …

EDITORIAL: Students have right to more say in commencement speaker

It looks like the Board has, once again, put its foot in its mouth. At last Wednesday night’s Board meeting, Student Trustee Marshall Lewis emphasized the need for more student input in the selection of a speaker this time around. But former Board President Anthony Fellow was quick to say that he thought there had been too much student input in the process as it was, blaming last year’s commencement debacle on the students.                      

Sculpting class provides artistic stepping-stone

Creativity and imagination can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. And if you’re using someone like Sebastian Rosseaux as your muse, it even comes nude. A five-year veteran of nude modeling, Rosseaux has posed for community colleges and art programs all over Southern California. Originally a seller of vintage clothes, nude modeling was a hobby that supplied extra income. He said he’s even pulled 9 straight hours in a single night.

Lighting the competitive fuse

Alexis Arredondo has a lot on her mind: six classes, daily speech and debate practices, an upcoming One-Acts play, a string of competitions this semester, and lines on top of lines that she recites in her head when she wakes up, showers, puts on her makeup, and even when she’s on break. But unlike most energy drink-fueled college students, Arredondo looks as though she’s had a full eight hours of sleep. If there’s one thing a performing arts academy has taught her in the past, …

More than just eye shadow and contours

It was 10 minutes ‘til 7 p.m. on a Wednesday evening when John Hanna gathered his theater arts makeup students for a run through the night’s project. In preparation for the school’s rendition of Young Frankenstein, the crew was creating the prosthetic piece for the actor playing the legendary monster. To do this, a life cast of the actor’s face would need to be produced, which just so happened to fall on a night that all the theater arts makeup students had a day off.

Fashion donation stitches new creativity

It was just the first week, but the fashion design students already had hands on deck. Eyes were fixated upon laptops with illustrations. Designs on paper filled tables, adorned with swatches of fabrics that students were constantly mixing and matching. Amongst the puncturing noises of sewing and the occasional typing, the room is almost devoid of social butterfly chatter, instead replaced with the type of murmur typical in office cubicles. In other words, it was crunch time.