Twitter’s new 280 character is stupid and too long and no one wants to read this much and have I proven my point yet?

During the past couple weeks the public interest in Twitter’s decision to switch it’s character limit to 280 characters for certain countries has diminished, which is the opposite of what the profoundly negative social impacts of this decision will do in the current social and journalistic climate.  

Representation matters in mainstream media and culture

Sexy Latina, angry black girl, nerdy Asian, and exotic are labels the majority of marginalized folks have been thrown into due to how the mainstream culture has portrayed them. “’You have no idea how difficult it is to get a bunch of black and Hispanic kids to watch ‘SNL’ over ‘In Living Color,” said ‘Girls Trip’ actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish in her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live (SNL) after making history by becoming the first female black stand-up comic to host SNL in …